Online Gambling Continues To Rise And Grow As Parx Casino Enters The Sector

Online Gambling Continues To Rise And Grow As Parx Casino Enters The Sector

The PA online gambling sector has made a stunning start to life since the legalization of sports betting and casino games took place in 2017. Gambling laws in Pennsylvania have been evolving since 2004 when the racehorse, Smarty Jones won the Preakness race and headed into the history books. Parx Casino, which operates the historic racetrack in Philly played a big role in helping to develop the sports betting sector in Pennsylvania that opened up in 2007 at physical locations. Working with software developers since, 2014, Parx Casino anticipated the shift towards an online betting format and set out to develop the sector for the future.

Just how legal is PA online gambling?

Online gambling in Pennsylvania is often seen as something of a gray area, but the practice is 100 percent legal following the 2018 Supreme Court decision to strike down the restrictive PASPA law, often referred to as the Bradley Act. PA online gambling has been legal since 2017 when Governor Wolf signed an act into law allowing the development of online sports betting and casino games sites within state borders. The only issues bookmakers face is the transfer of funds across state lines into different areas of the nation, but Pennsylvania is now at the forefront of the fight to make betting legal across the U.S.

The passage of laws detailing the good work being done by lobbyists and lawmakers in Pennsylvania has seen state legislators look to protect the people of the state from unfair practices. Parx Casino, which operates a Philly-based racetrack and physical casino is a good example of the reputable groups the state wants to operate its PA online gambling locations. The group is fully regulated by the state and does its best to make sure the process of placing bets and collecting winnings is as transparent, secure, and simple as possible.

Financial rewards for the state

The majority of the windfall in funding the state of Pennsylvania is enjoying and should continue to enjoy in the future comes from taxes and licensing fees paid by casinos and those winning bets. The state levies large fees on those who wish to operate a casino online or in physical form, including $4 million per license or a $10 million fee for the right to host three online gaming sites.

In only a year of operation, the state of Pennsylvania has achieved more than $390 million in taxes raised the state hopes will go towards helping improve a range of projects. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has provided its support for states taking control of their own gambling regulations, the future for PA online gambling looks rosy.

PA online gambling companies, such as Parx Casino use a two-step verification process for all transactions completed by a casino member that includes the need to provide different lines of communication. Not only does the group require members to prove their residency with state and government-issued identification, but it has also reserved the right to use third-party companies to verify the age and address of all members.