Horse racing tips with reasoning behind them

As there are more horse races to bet on, it also means a larger selection of betting markets on bookmaker websites and more opportunities to win. You’re never guaranteed a win from betting on horse racing, but you’ll improve your chances if you delve into different betting markets as well as by looking for horse racing tips on more than just the obvious races.

Starting out with betting on horse racing

Racing is best known throughout the UK and Ireland but it’s an activity which takes place globally, so the options are more extensive than a lot of newcomers might acknowledge. The most popular bet for building horse racing tips surfaces on picking a simple NAP, where you’re choosing the single horse you fancy from the day’s action and getting behind it with the belief that it’s the most likely winner from all nags in contention.

It’s important to establish whether you’ll be backing horses to win or to place, as each different version of betting offers its own incentives. For instance, when betting on a horse to win, you’ll be given the opportunity to get some appetising returns if the horse you’ve backed goes on to win, but if you back a horse to place, you’ll get less in terms of returns for the most-part, but you’ll be given some security over your bet, as it will give you some winnings as long as it finishes in the top few places of the race.

Horse racing tips with reasoning behind them

Turning your hand to more advanced horse racing markets

 While many punters will stick by betting on horses to win or place, there are far more advanced versions of this that are bound to offer more returns from any winning horse racing tips you might make. Each Way bets will be even more tempting to get behind if you add in more selections, so the chance to build a Place Longshot has been a regular occurrence in betting.

In terms of betting on horses to win in a more exciting way, many punters will turn to making a Lucky 15, where you’re given another chance to take some returns even if all of the horses you’ve backed don’t win their respective races. This is done by having all four of your chosen horses linked into fifteen different bets between each other, meaning that if two horses win, you’ll still be given returns based on the three bets they were included in, as they’ll be part of individual singles, as well as a winning horse double.