Gambling as We No It:Your Best Details

Gambling as We No It:Your Best Details

When the sports broadcaster transmits poker, the sender, teammates and spectators act as if it were a sport. The fact is that such bad habit is banned in many countries, and in countries where it is not banned, people impoverish people by gambling, or get even deeper into misery by the pretense of more profit. The addiction is not even considered.

Gambling-like situations occur again and again in capitalism. It is therefore of fundamental importance to clarify why the real game of money is amoral. (Actually, that should be clear even to children, but it depends on the position in the political spectrum, as it stands.)

What does gambling mean?

Gambling can be skat for money or poker or a slot machine for money. In any case, people come together, each hoping with the help of this game of chance each other to take their bets. Many games of chance are asymmetric. That is, there is a bank or a vending machine manufacturer, so that there is a co-earning “organizer” who always earns and whose business is to exploit gambling.

In gambling, some wealth is redistributed. At the point where this redistributed wealth assumes dimensions that are economically relevant to the players, they also affect the social systems and justice in society. Aggravating added the addictive character of many games of chance. The sabung ayam online works perfect in this way and you will be able to have a lot of supports there.

Gambling in the legal system

The asymmetrical gambling lives to a large extent on the addictive character of many games. Here, the state is required to recognize the business principle as not meaningful or antisocial and simply deny this gambling permission.

Currently, there is a middle ground where gambling operators must be public and (to offset the damage) must be charitable. That’s illogical and inconsistent.

The requirement for the charitable status of lottery and casino operators shows the implicit recognition of the harmfulness of asymmetric gambling.


Gambling as We No It:Your Best Details

Generally speaking, gambling promotes greed and the idea of ​​quickly making money and taking dangerous risks as well. Gambling is already a cultural expression of this thought, which is widespread in capitalist societies. Of course, there is a role that you can hardly get rich in practice through honest work . However, many still dream the dream of wealth, which would far outweigh the need for wealth. The dream of wealth, however, is an antisocial dream. (Extra article: »The Dream of Wealth« ( unfinished ))

In general, gambling participants hope to acquire the stakes of the other participants. The fate of others does not have to matter to them. Therefore, gambling is in principle antisocial. To harm others, one must despise them. That’s exactly what is asociality. Contempt is a tool. Having learned this contempt, one stands right in the political spectrum.