Finer Options You Can Enjoy for the Pin Up Casino

To make any bets, you need to have funds in your account. Because of this, it seems a little different to wait for the first supplement or to do it right after registration, so you still want to get the bonus.

Online Betting for You

With an online betting bonus you need to pay attention to the different criteria that make the bonus attractive and affordable. Only one criterion speaks nothing of whether it is a fair and quality bonus, or the performance criteria are demanding and should be kept away from the bonus. You can check the pin up casino for the best deal.

Maximum Bonus Amount: Bidders usually always strive for the maximum amount of bonus. Thinking is fairly basic and it’s easy for players to choose the highest bid, so most will agree to the signup when they see the “300 $ bonus for newly registered users”. This way of thinking is well known by the betting houses that arrange sports betting on the internet. Of course, bonuses and bonus terms for betting are not that simple. For example, the difference between the 50% or 100% bonus for the first overpayment makes a big difference to the amount of bonus you will be given, but also the conditions you have to meet to reach the maximum amount. Also, it is a lot of criteria that betting companies may have, all of which should be in bonus terms that explain how the announced bonus can be achieved. Free games like free spins on casino games can also be important and bring you winnings that you can later pay or use for other games. Therefore, when choosing a new customer bonus, do not just look for the maximum amount without knowing which terms are behind the bonus program.

Finer Options You Can Enjoy for the Pin Up Casino

Rollover factor: This type of condition denotes a criterion related to the amount of payout for a particular game, ie how much traffic you have to bet or how many times to play online sports betting to earn a bonus. The smaller the amount or the fewer the number of games required by the online betting pool is more suited to the player.

For example, a rollover factor of more than 10 would be absolutely dishonest and as such raises doubts as to whether the bookmaker is serious and goes hand in hand to the player. The usual rollover factors range from 5 to 7, although factor 6 and 7 (depending on the amount that can be achieved) sometimes too much. If you choose an online bookie that has a rollover factor of less than 5, it can be said that this is a good offer, of course, only if other criteria (such as the minimum coefficient of play and time limit) are also fair and acceptable.

Rollover factor amounts: Let’s take the example that two online bookmakers require only a 4x rollover factor, but it is also necessary to meet the additional payout requirement and the rollover factor. In the bonus program terms, it is indicated whether this factor affects only the amount of the add-on, only to the amount you will realize or equal to both amounts together.

This means that you will need to pay the extra amount 4 times (4×30 $) to get the amount of 30 $ or, depending on the terms, you will receive a 30 $ bonus, and for the payment of your amount to the account you must 4 times deduct the total amount.